Homemade Salmon Sashimi

Today we went to the city market to buy some good and different things to eat, and my boyfriend got crazy about some fresh fish we found there. And the thousand kinds of cheese. And i was dying to prove some fruits that i've never tried before.

We bought a piece of fresh salmon to try some homemade sashimi (him) and some carpaccio (me).
We are not expert chefs but lately we are trying a few "gourmet" things at the kitchen.

So, first you need prepare the fish. Take out the thorns and the skin.
We bought ours already cleaned.

Then, cuts the piece in three or four parts, and start cutting each of them.
To make sashimis you cuts the slices with 0.5 cm tick. To make carpaccio the slices need to be 0.1 or 0.2 cm. To begginers, its practically impossible to cut these, so just try to cut them as thin as you can. #CarpaccioFail

You need to cut with only one movement of the knife. So you need a sharp knife to work.
This part was a little tricky for us, some of the pieces were 0.8 cm tick, some others 0.3 cm, but at the end, they were mostly uniform.

I made a simple sauce to cover.

- Half lemon
- 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard
- 1 tablespoon of caper
- sweet paprika (to taste)
- curry (to taste)
- black pepper (to taste)

Mix everything (except the black pepper).
I smashed half of the capers, and the other half I mixed with the sauce at the end.

Put the salmon pieces in a plate. Sprinkle the black pepper and add a little bit of the sauce on top of each piece.

You can also add shoyu if you want to.
To decorate the plate, add some little pieces of cheese. Try grated parmesan. Here I used Creamy Minas Frescal cheese that i've bought earlier at the market.


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