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Everybody loves Fuji!

I know that Fuji Instax mini it's not a launching product right now, but i think it deserve some of my attention here.

Sometime ago I read somewhere in the internet about this Fuji camera, which works like a little polaroid camera. But, is not as expensive as one.

I don’t know if it’s because I grew up wishing to play with my dad’s polaroid camera, or if it’s because I simply LOVE toy cameras, but I bought one for me as soon as I saw it.
Really, in the same day.

I did a little research to check the prices here and there, looked for some films and ta-dã, in 3 days it was there, at my little home. S2

Now, why is this camera so loved out there?
It’s not because of the quality of pictures, or even because it’s cheap, because it’s not. A film with 10 exposures it’s about 10 dollars. Here in brazil we pay around 40 reals in the local stores.

I think it’s because of the same reason that made me to buy it in the first time I saw it.
We are a generation that grew up wishing a polaroid camera, and don’t being allowed to play with one.
If it was not your father's camera, it was your uncle's. Or maybe your neighbor’s, or your cousin’s neighbor who spent the Christmas at your home once and left everyone wanting one.

Anyway, the thing is, Fuji had a great idea launching it.
Here, in Brazil, everybody wants one. In the first party I brought it, my girl friends got crazy and, of a group of 6, 5 have one now.

Using it it’s pretty simple. The film is easy to put. The marker shows how many pics you still have. And you have 4 options of flash, but I strongly believe that with any of them, you are going to receive a huge bright flash on your face.

Anyway, the photos are pretty cute. And it’s great to take pics every time you want, and give it to some friends. Or create a big panel on your living room.

For now, I’m also an Instax Mini person.


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