Snapshots of Christmas

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.

I can’t explain exactly why, but no, it wasn't only because of the gifts.
It was because of all traditions, time spent with family, and for all the affection and love shared.

The day of assembling the tree. Everyone helping with the ornaments.
The day before Christmas eve, we make cookies together. Special Christmas cookies, in star shape, hearts, angels and dolls.

And on Christmas eve, when I was a kid, I remember clearly… Near 8 p.m., children leave out for a walk in the neighborhood, while Santa goes home to left the gifts. Cause Santa don’t come when you have children at home, of course.

And then we come back and all the house lights are off, only the Christmas tree is on, blinking. And I opened the door, and my whole family was there, waiting and looking at me. And my brother and I ran for the tree, where suddenly had appeared several gifts.
And then my parents and grandparents exchanged gifts with each other.

And suddenly the tree was full of little chocolates. Hanging like ornaments. And after opening the gifts, we would start the hunting for these chocolates. And until the night of New Year was still possible to find one or the other here and there.

And the hugs and kisses and wishes. The Christmas was always a time of good memories for me.

Even now, after grown, we keep these traditions. My little sister is 6 years old and she already loves Christmas.

Happy holidays friends!

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