Sewing a headband! And a little of my saga with the sewing machine.

As I said before here, I'm a beginner on this sewing thing.

But, to update you guys, I BOUGHT MY SEWING MACHINE! Yeiii!  :D
But start sewing wasn't that easy. I'll tell a little bit first.

My sewing machine arrived. Ok. What now?
Errrr... Hummmm... I don't know.
How do I put the line? What is a overlock, bobbin, buttonhole? Which line should I use? And needle? 
OMG. I was lost.

But then I read the instructions manual. The whole thing. Highlighted the parts that I hadn't understood at all. I googled it.

So, I've tried some line stitches, and some zigzag stitches as well. And after that, I felt ready to try something big.
A headband!
Ok, it's not THAT BIG, but at least it is SOMETHING. Not just a piece of fabric with zigzag stitches all around.

Ok. Let's talk about the headband. And if I can do it, anyone can!

First thing first.
You need:
- A piece of fabric you like
- Scissors
- Thread 
- Needle

I used my sewing machine to sew, but as it's easy, you can sew by hand if you want to.

For the length, you simply measure your head with a ribbon and add 12-18 cm (4.7 - 7.1 inc), depending the size of the bow you want.
The width it's up to you. But remember that you will fold the fabric, so you must consider the double size when you cut.

I've read somewhere that when you begin to sew, it's better to use 100% cotton fabric. Because they don't stretch while we sew.
Just a tip if you are a beginner as me.

So, I cut the fabric with the measures that I wanted.
Mine were 68 cm (26,8 in) length. It was 56cm (22 in) for length plus 12cm (4,7 in) for the bow.
And 10 cm (3,9 in) width.

Then I folded the fabric in the middle.

And cut the ends to leave them in the right format when we wear the headband.

Pay attention to cut both sides in the same direction. I cut from the fold to the edge, and the fold side was the longest.

Then, I turned the fabric inside out to sew the edges.

I sewed almost the entire edge, just left a little hole to turn the tube rightside-out.

Then I closed with invisible stitches that I've learned here. (I know it's in portuguese but the video is pretty easy to understand even without the audio).

And here it is! My first headband.

Here you can see that as I left just 5 cm in each end for the bow, became a small bow. If you leave more fabric, it will be bigger.

Hope you liked! My first sewing project.

Fell free to give me any tips. Believe me, I'm needing it.

Love, Deborah.


The colorful house!

(I've already posted this in portuguese. But now I'm translating to english.)

When we saw our apartment, was love in first sight!  But it wasn’t all cute and organized. Not at all. We had to work on it.

Almost all walls were “white”, but they were dirty. One of the walls were orange. Strong bright orange. But probably was painted by the old resident, because all edges were blurred. The kitchen tiles were greasy and the bathroom tiles was terrible.

When we signed the contract for rent the place, we were decided to paint the whole apartment. So I started to make a thousand plans, a lot of research and after a while I decided!

The living room would be blue. Turquoise blue. And one of the walls I would paint of blackboard ink.
The bedroom would have the 4 walls in white, and the ceiling would be purple.
The kitchen and the bathroom would keep the white walls, but I wanted the kitchen ceiling yellow, to be a happy kitchen.

When I chose the colors, a friend said that my house would be a circus. 
That it was impossible that a bedroom with a purple ceiling, a blue living room with a blackboard wall and a kitchen with a yellow ceiling could be cool or beautiful.

We'll see...

Today I'm going to talk about the living room…

 This was the view from the entrance before

 Living room

Living room view from the window (the orange wall)

When we started to paint i got scared. I thought it would be too dark. And I almost regretted the color. 
But after, I totally fell in love and it became my new favorite color.

New living room

New living room

View from the window (with my blackboard wall).

I’ve learned to not be afraid of strong colors. 
They said to me that it would make the space looks smaller, dark. And sure can happen. 
But on the other hand, make my living room earn personality. Earned life. 

For me, it’s perfect.

I’m still missing a shelf, a table, chairs... But it’s already my favorite place of the house.

Another day I’ll give you guys more details about the decoration. :)

Happy weekend friends!
Love, Deborah


Detox week - end!

Hi guys!
I'm owed you the results of my detox week last week.

It ended up pretty well. Unless, exactly as I was expecting.

But first, I need to tell the truth.
On wednesday, I slip out of the detox diet, and had some pizza for dinner. I tried to keep it a health pizza, made with arugula, dried tomatoes and mozzarella. But I know that even if it was an health edition of pizza, still pizza! right?

And the second one, I ended the detox week at friday night, not in the saturday morning. Cause as some of you may have seen in my last post, I spent the weekend at the beach with my family.
And when I arrived there friday night after work, we kind of  had to drink a cold beer and eat some seafood on a little restaurant near the beach.

The weather was terribly hot, like, 97°F at 8pm.

Anyway, focus. Detox week.

I started it with 154 pounds (70 kg here in Brazil).
I know sounds too much, but actually, my ideal weight is 146 pounds (66 Kg here in Brazil), so, I'm not that far from my ideal weight anymore.

Now, after a week (kind of a week) of detox, I'm 151 pounds (68,5 kg).

Weel, if it worth it? I would say yes.
Specially because i was much more confortable on the beach wearing my bikini.

Sadly i didn't took a picture to do the before and after. But I'll keep this in mind for the next detox week.

And I am planning to do it again soon.

I just don't do this all the time because this wouldn't be a balanced life.
I guess we need a pizza night sometimes, and also a detox day once in a while.

Xo, friends!

Love, Deborah


Snapshots - Weekend at the beach


Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Days get longer.

Life gets better.

* Me and my sister
* Me andmy boyfriend
* My little sis having fun

I've spent the weekend at the beach with my family.
Mother, grandma, grandpa, brother and sisters and my love.

It was so perfect.
I grew up  going to the beach every january with my family. When I was just a student we used to spend 2 weeks there.
Now that everybody works and have a full time job, just my grandparents and my mother with my little sis could stay there for a little longer than a weekend.

But even for two days, was nice to be there once again.

xo friends!
Love, Deborah


Red hair dye

As you may already notice, I'm not a naturally red hair.
And to be honest, I've been careless with my hair for a couple months.
I'm not treating it as I should and the last time I dyed it was two months ago.
Shame on me!

But today is the day! (Actually last weekend was the day, but that's ok). Let's be a perfect ginger hair again.

Here is a picture of the "before". You can see my dark brown hair.

I'm retouching my hair at home this time.
I couldn't schedule an appointment with my hair stylist and I needed to dye my hair for 2015.

Anyway, sometimes I go to a hair stylist, sometimes I do it by myself.
If you'll dye your entire hair or if it's the first time you dye your hair I strongly recommend you to do it with a professional. Also, if you don't feel sure about what you are doing, don't try to do it by yourself.

So, let's go to work.
First things first.

The color.
I used to work with the Alfaparf hair dye, number 7.4 or 8.4
But a few months ago I wasn't able to find it, and had to change to a different brand. Now I'm using the Wella Color Perfect 8.4.
And I'm loving it.
Actually the biggest difference is that the Wella Color Perfect is a little bit more red. The alfaparf is a little more orange/ginger.
But the Wella Color Perfect still more ginger than red, so it's ok.

I mixed with oxid'o 30 vol because I have a dark brown hair. Dilution ratio of 1:1.5
But be aware, this high volumi oxido always keeps my hair more dehydrated that I would want to, and consequently, makes me spend more time treating it.

I started passing the mixture in every edge of the hair, paying attention to the forehead and nape.
After that I hold all the hair and release a few strands of hair per time, starting by the nape.
It's a hard work and my arms started to hurt on the beginning of the process, but what can I say?
Its a durty job but someone has to do it.

After ending this process on the entire hair, wait between 30-45 minutes.

Wash it with some PH neutral shampoo and your usual conditioner.

After that, I also use a semi permanent hair color. I mix it with a hydration hair mask and applied on the entire hair and wait more 30 minutes.
This keeps the color uniform in the entire hair.

And wash again.

And ta-dã.
Ginger hair is back!

Here a few pictures under different lights.

See ya guys!
Love, Deborah


Detox week

Oh, life.
So, holidays are over.
And now we have to start that balanced diet again.

I had lost lots of pounds a couple months before the holidays. Me and my friend were doing a special diet, and for our happiness we were able to keep the weight we achieve after it ends.
Until the holidays!

Although we haven't earned much weight, we have decided to do a detox week after the holidays, to lose the excess of weight we've earned.
And to clean up our organism of all that delicious food and all that wine and beer that was necessary we drank.

And after that, just work our bodies out and keep a balanced diet (as we were already doing before).

So, I’ve decided to tell you guys how this week will works.

Today I’m 154 pounds and I’m ready for a 5-day-detox.

There are not a specific menu for this week.

Basically, we'll eat fruits on the morning (and coffee is allowed, OF COURSE), salad for lunch, fruits on the afternoon and a light soup for dinner.

In the morning we also can eat some whole wheat toast with some low-fat cheese (like ricotta or cottage cheese) but I’m trying to keep myself with only fruits on the morning.

I’m also doing a fluids day on this first day, just to clean up my organism at all.

That’s it.
Saturday morning I’ll tell you guys how this ends. And then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the sacrifice.

How about you? Are you planning any kind of special diet after holidays?

Good luck for us. =)


Love, Deborah


Snapshots of New Years eve

My friends and I went to a countryside house for the New Years eve.

We had an amazing time, with a great party on the NYE. The girls were wearing the flower crown that i've made, the decoration was made by a friend who loves this stuff and the food was prepared by our private chef who is not a real chef but could easily win the "Master Chef" TV show if he wants.

Everything was perfect and although we didn't jumped in the pool at midnight (because everybody gave up of the idea after all work to be pretty and well dressed) I can't imagine a better way and better people to be with at the beginning of the new year.

*1- Everybody
*2 and 3 - Me and John
*4 - NYE floor after the party
*5 and 6 - Me at the swing
*7 - The boys with their new beer hat
*8 - Me and my girls with our heart balloon
*9 - My secret friend
*10 - Me and my girls

Let 2015 be a great year for all of us and for all of you guys. With twice of love and friendship.

How about you? How was your NYE?
Love, Deborah


Flowers crown for New Years Eve

My friends and I are going to spend the new years eve at a country house.
We’ve planned a big party, with silver balloons on the pool and little candles around the backyard and colorful cups for the drinks and a lot of others little details. We are very excited about it.

We also decided that the girls are going to use a flowers crown on the party.

But when we were looking for them to buy it, it was pretty hard to find one that everyone likes, so we decided to make them.

We bought these flowers downtown, in a place that these craft things are usually cheap. We choose the red, blue and yellow one.

We weren't sure how we were going to make the crown, but the girls left this with me, because I’m the most "craft girl" in the group.

So, instead of complicate the thing, I keep it pretty simple.

I took three cords of flowers and made a simple braid, then, to close the ends, I used satin ribbon. I put a little bit of hot clue on each end, made a knot with the satin ribbon, and that is it.

To use it, we only need to tie with a bow.

Mine is red. =)