Detox week - end!

Hi guys!
I'm owed you the results of my detox week last week.

It ended up pretty well. Unless, exactly as I was expecting.

But first, I need to tell the truth.
On wednesday, I slip out of the detox diet, and had some pizza for dinner. I tried to keep it a health pizza, made with arugula, dried tomatoes and mozzarella. But I know that even if it was an health edition of pizza, still pizza! right?

And the second one, I ended the detox week at friday night, not in the saturday morning. Cause as some of you may have seen in my last post, I spent the weekend at the beach with my family.
And when I arrived there friday night after work, we kind of  had to drink a cold beer and eat some seafood on a little restaurant near the beach.

The weather was terribly hot, like, 97°F at 8pm.

Anyway, focus. Detox week.

I started it with 154 pounds (70 kg here in Brazil).
I know sounds too much, but actually, my ideal weight is 146 pounds (66 Kg here in Brazil), so, I'm not that far from my ideal weight anymore.

Now, after a week (kind of a week) of detox, I'm 151 pounds (68,5 kg).

Weel, if it worth it? I would say yes.
Specially because i was much more confortable on the beach wearing my bikini.

Sadly i didn't took a picture to do the before and after. But I'll keep this in mind for the next detox week.

And I am planning to do it again soon.

I just don't do this all the time because this wouldn't be a balanced life.
I guess we need a pizza night sometimes, and also a detox day once in a while.

Xo, friends!

Love, Deborah

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  1. "I guess we need a pizza night sometimes, and also a detox day once in a while." So true! I was just thinking these days that I need a detox period (don't know how long though)