Detox week

Oh, life.
So, holidays are over.
And now we have to start that balanced diet again.

I had lost lots of pounds a couple months before the holidays. Me and my friend were doing a special diet, and for our happiness we were able to keep the weight we achieve after it ends.
Until the holidays!

Although we haven't earned much weight, we have decided to do a detox week after the holidays, to lose the excess of weight we've earned.
And to clean up our organism of all that delicious food and all that wine and beer that was necessary we drank.

And after that, just work our bodies out and keep a balanced diet (as we were already doing before).

So, I’ve decided to tell you guys how this week will works.

Today I’m 154 pounds and I’m ready for a 5-day-detox.

There are not a specific menu for this week.

Basically, we'll eat fruits on the morning (and coffee is allowed, OF COURSE), salad for lunch, fruits on the afternoon and a light soup for dinner.

In the morning we also can eat some whole wheat toast with some low-fat cheese (like ricotta or cottage cheese) but I’m trying to keep myself with only fruits on the morning.

I’m also doing a fluids day on this first day, just to clean up my organism at all.

That’s it.
Saturday morning I’ll tell you guys how this ends. And then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the sacrifice.

How about you? Are you planning any kind of special diet after holidays?

Good luck for us. =)


Love, Deborah

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