Flowers crown for New Years Eve

My friends and I are going to spend the new years eve at a country house.
We’ve planned a big party, with silver balloons on the pool and little candles around the backyard and colorful cups for the drinks and a lot of others little details. We are very excited about it.

We also decided that the girls are going to use a flowers crown on the party.

But when we were looking for them to buy it, it was pretty hard to find one that everyone likes, so we decided to make them.

We bought these flowers downtown, in a place that these craft things are usually cheap. We choose the red, blue and yellow one.

We weren't sure how we were going to make the crown, but the girls left this with me, because I’m the most "craft girl" in the group.

So, instead of complicate the thing, I keep it pretty simple.

I took three cords of flowers and made a simple braid, then, to close the ends, I used satin ribbon. I put a little bit of hot clue on each end, made a knot with the satin ribbon, and that is it.

To use it, we only need to tie with a bow.

Mine is red. =)




  1. I've always wanted to make a flower crown. They're so cute and festive for spring or the summer. Yours looks so cute!

    Julie | http://www.xfallenmoon.com/

    1. Tks Julie! You should try. It's so easy to make. Share it with us. :)