Red hair dye

As you may already notice, I'm not a naturally red hair.
And to be honest, I've been careless with my hair for a couple months.
I'm not treating it as I should and the last time I dyed it was two months ago.
Shame on me!

But today is the day! (Actually last weekend was the day, but that's ok). Let's be a perfect ginger hair again.

Here is a picture of the "before". You can see my dark brown hair.

I'm retouching my hair at home this time.
I couldn't schedule an appointment with my hair stylist and I needed to dye my hair for 2015.

Anyway, sometimes I go to a hair stylist, sometimes I do it by myself.
If you'll dye your entire hair or if it's the first time you dye your hair I strongly recommend you to do it with a professional. Also, if you don't feel sure about what you are doing, don't try to do it by yourself.

So, let's go to work.
First things first.

The color.
I used to work with the Alfaparf hair dye, number 7.4 or 8.4
But a few months ago I wasn't able to find it, and had to change to a different brand. Now I'm using the Wella Color Perfect 8.4.
And I'm loving it.
Actually the biggest difference is that the Wella Color Perfect is a little bit more red. The alfaparf is a little more orange/ginger.
But the Wella Color Perfect still more ginger than red, so it's ok.

I mixed with oxid'o 30 vol because I have a dark brown hair. Dilution ratio of 1:1.5
But be aware, this high volumi oxido always keeps my hair more dehydrated that I would want to, and consequently, makes me spend more time treating it.

I started passing the mixture in every edge of the hair, paying attention to the forehead and nape.
After that I hold all the hair and release a few strands of hair per time, starting by the nape.
It's a hard work and my arms started to hurt on the beginning of the process, but what can I say?
Its a durty job but someone has to do it.

After ending this process on the entire hair, wait between 30-45 minutes.

Wash it with some PH neutral shampoo and your usual conditioner.

After that, I also use a semi permanent hair color. I mix it with a hydration hair mask and applied on the entire hair and wait more 30 minutes.
This keeps the color uniform in the entire hair.

And wash again.

And ta-dã.
Ginger hair is back!

Here a few pictures under different lights.

See ya guys!
Love, Deborah


  1. Your post is a reminder to me to dye my hair too! Mine are blond on dark brown hair

  2. Great tutorial and I love the color!
    Positively Stephanie