Sewing a headband! And a little of my saga with the sewing machine.

As I said before here, I'm a beginner on this sewing thing.

But, to update you guys, I BOUGHT MY SEWING MACHINE! Yeiii!  :D
But start sewing wasn't that easy. I'll tell a little bit first.

My sewing machine arrived. Ok. What now?
Errrr... Hummmm... I don't know.
How do I put the line? What is a overlock, bobbin, buttonhole? Which line should I use? And needle? 
OMG. I was lost.

But then I read the instructions manual. The whole thing. Highlighted the parts that I hadn't understood at all. I googled it.

So, I've tried some line stitches, and some zigzag stitches as well. And after that, I felt ready to try something big.
A headband!
Ok, it's not THAT BIG, but at least it is SOMETHING. Not just a piece of fabric with zigzag stitches all around.

Ok. Let's talk about the headband. And if I can do it, anyone can!

First thing first.
You need:
- A piece of fabric you like
- Scissors
- Thread 
- Needle

I used my sewing machine to sew, but as it's easy, you can sew by hand if you want to.

For the length, you simply measure your head with a ribbon and add 12-18 cm (4.7 - 7.1 inc), depending the size of the bow you want.
The width it's up to you. But remember that you will fold the fabric, so you must consider the double size when you cut.

I've read somewhere that when you begin to sew, it's better to use 100% cotton fabric. Because they don't stretch while we sew.
Just a tip if you are a beginner as me.

So, I cut the fabric with the measures that I wanted.
Mine were 68 cm (26,8 in) length. It was 56cm (22 in) for length plus 12cm (4,7 in) for the bow.
And 10 cm (3,9 in) width.

Then I folded the fabric in the middle.

And cut the ends to leave them in the right format when we wear the headband.

Pay attention to cut both sides in the same direction. I cut from the fold to the edge, and the fold side was the longest.

Then, I turned the fabric inside out to sew the edges.

I sewed almost the entire edge, just left a little hole to turn the tube rightside-out.

Then I closed with invisible stitches that I've learned here. (I know it's in portuguese but the video is pretty easy to understand even without the audio).

And here it is! My first headband.

Here you can see that as I left just 5 cm in each end for the bow, became a small bow. If you leave more fabric, it will be bigger.

Hope you liked! My first sewing project.

Fell free to give me any tips. Believe me, I'm needing it.

Love, Deborah.