Snapshots of New Years eve

My friends and I went to a countryside house for the New Years eve.

We had an amazing time, with a great party on the NYE. The girls were wearing the flower crown that i've made, the decoration was made by a friend who loves this stuff and the food was prepared by our private chef who is not a real chef but could easily win the "Master Chef" TV show if he wants.

Everything was perfect and although we didn't jumped in the pool at midnight (because everybody gave up of the idea after all work to be pretty and well dressed) I can't imagine a better way and better people to be with at the beginning of the new year.

*1- Everybody
*2 and 3 - Me and John
*4 - NYE floor after the party
*5 and 6 - Me at the swing
*7 - The boys with their new beer hat
*8 - Me and my girls with our heart balloon
*9 - My secret friend
*10 - Me and my girls

Let 2015 be a great year for all of us and for all of you guys. With twice of love and friendship.

How about you? How was your NYE?
Love, Deborah

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