The colorful house!

(I've already posted this in portuguese. But now I'm translating to english.)

When we saw our apartment, was love in first sight!  But it wasn’t all cute and organized. Not at all. We had to work on it.

Almost all walls were “white”, but they were dirty. One of the walls were orange. Strong bright orange. But probably was painted by the old resident, because all edges were blurred. The kitchen tiles were greasy and the bathroom tiles was terrible.

When we signed the contract for rent the place, we were decided to paint the whole apartment. So I started to make a thousand plans, a lot of research and after a while I decided!

The living room would be blue. Turquoise blue. And one of the walls I would paint of blackboard ink.
The bedroom would have the 4 walls in white, and the ceiling would be purple.
The kitchen and the bathroom would keep the white walls, but I wanted the kitchen ceiling yellow, to be a happy kitchen.

When I chose the colors, a friend said that my house would be a circus. 
That it was impossible that a bedroom with a purple ceiling, a blue living room with a blackboard wall and a kitchen with a yellow ceiling could be cool or beautiful.

We'll see...

Today I'm going to talk about the living room…

 This was the view from the entrance before

 Living room

Living room view from the window (the orange wall)

When we started to paint i got scared. I thought it would be too dark. And I almost regretted the color. 
But after, I totally fell in love and it became my new favorite color.

New living room

New living room

View from the window (with my blackboard wall).

I’ve learned to not be afraid of strong colors. 
They said to me that it would make the space looks smaller, dark. And sure can happen. 
But on the other hand, make my living room earn personality. Earned life. 

For me, it’s perfect.

I’m still missing a shelf, a table, chairs... But it’s already my favorite place of the house.

Another day I’ll give you guys more details about the decoration. :)

Happy weekend friends!
Love, Deborah


  1. WOW Deborah! That living room you've created looks STUNNING. My boyfriend and I are big fans of bright colors, but neither of us can really figure out how to incorporate it into a room without the color make our heads spin. You OWNED that turquoise. I honestly cannot convey through text how impressed (and jealous) I am with your living room!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thanks Stephanie, but I'm sure you guys can do the same. Just need to open your mind and not to be afraid!
      If you do sometime, don't forget to share =) I would love to see it.

  2. It's beautiful, I love it!

  3. Wow, I love the blackoard walll I think I've never seen it before but it is the most creative thing. I'll soon move flats and this is definitely something I will keep in mind. It looks so friendly and really gives character :)


    1. Yes it's definitely cool! And our friends love it. The only problem is to choose what to erase and what to keep after a few months. Actually we still trying to erase some parts but we are not allowed by our friends. LOL.