Snapshots carnival!

It was Carnival here last week. It’s not during the whole week, but still a big holiday here. It starts friday night and ends on wednesday morning. So, we have 4 days and a half to party hard – or relax, depending on you.

When I lived in NY I realized that this is not a world celebration, but it’s sure one of the favorite holidays for us (Brazilians).

The concept is a little religious, it’s the week before lent season starts. When we are supposed to eat meat before the long time without it. But that’s only the origin, doesn’t mean that everyone knows or follow this idea.

And if you ask me the truth, it’s all about party. For real.

This year we planned a trip to the beach, but we ended up staying home. By our choice. I needed to work on my thesis for post-graduation and we knew we were going to enjoy the carnival in the city as well.

On Saturday I worked on my thesis and in the end of the afternoon we went to a bar that we used to go very often. It was valentine’s day, but the valentine’s day here is on jun-12. So we don’t celebrate the feb-14 here.
I was a little romantic just because my blog friends are from all around the world and I felt that my online world was pink and full of hearts.

On sunday we had a GREAT barbecue pool party and was SUPER FUN!
On monday ans tuesday we rest. We had lunch with my grandma and then we went to the movies.

And that’s it. Carnival is not only about parades or parties on the street. It’s about party with your friends, anywhere.

Oh, happy days.


Casual Friday - Grandma Dress and yellow shoe

Dress: F21. Shoes: Santa Lola - Dafiti (Brazilian store). Necklace: Modcloth (On sale right now)

I'm not sure if I told you guys about my current full time job.
I work on a financial company, that sell pension products, for retirement. I'm a product analyst. Me and my team are the responsible for making the products that the company sell.

Could be fun. But is not that fun. There is a lot of pressure on us.
A lot of crazy projects and looks like that the I.T. people wants to kill the Commercial people that wants to kill the Operational people.
And everyone wants to kill the Products people.

I've studied business in college and for a moment I thought that this was what I wanted for life.
But it's not anymore. And I was feeling "tied hands" about it. Because I've spent too many time on this business already.
But now, I have another felling. The felling that it's up to me to change something.
No one can change anything for me.
And as I said before, if you want something, go get it.
 I'm trying to.
Soon I'll tell you guys what I'm planning.

For now, I have fun dressing me up on Fridays. Because on Fridays we can be casual.


Snapshots of the weekend - Stay home club

We had a busy time last week, with a lot of problems and pressure in our jobs and so, we've decided to spend the weekend with our best pals at home.

We have a lot of good friends, but since we moved out and started living together, these couple became like family for us. They are the only friends that when they are home we don't feel we are with visitors.

This saturday we went to the supermarket, bought the ingredients for a special/usual/delicious meal (that I'll share with you guys soon) and spent the whole afternoon/night watching series. Game of Thrones to be specific. Me and my boyfriend love this serie and we made they get addicted to it too.

* Me and my new shoe at the supermarket
* Friends
* Wine pals
* Strogonof (One of our favorite meals)
* Bad hair day
* GOT joke (We're a little geek around here)

P.S. I know I'm a little absent here these days.
I'm writing my thesis for my post-graduation. Need to be done until 03/20. OMG.
Plus my regular job is so stressful and it's sucking so much of my energy. I'm working 9-10 hours per day, Mon-Fri.
And, while all this is happening, I'm also trying to plan a new business/project that I have in mind for some months already.

Anyway. This year is going to be a life changing year.
My phrase of the moment is: If you want something, go get it.

Keep strong.
Love, Deborah