Snapshots of the weekend - Stay home club

We had a busy time last week, with a lot of problems and pressure in our jobs and so, we've decided to spend the weekend with our best pals at home.

We have a lot of good friends, but since we moved out and started living together, these couple became like family for us. They are the only friends that when they are home we don't feel we are with visitors.

This saturday we went to the supermarket, bought the ingredients for a special/usual/delicious meal (that I'll share with you guys soon) and spent the whole afternoon/night watching series. Game of Thrones to be specific. Me and my boyfriend love this serie and we made they get addicted to it too.

* Me and my new shoe at the supermarket
* Friends
* Wine pals
* Strogonof (One of our favorite meals)
* Bad hair day
* GOT joke (We're a little geek around here)

P.S. I know I'm a little absent here these days.
I'm writing my thesis for my post-graduation. Need to be done until 03/20. OMG.
Plus my regular job is so stressful and it's sucking so much of my energy. I'm working 9-10 hours per day, Mon-Fri.
And, while all this is happening, I'm also trying to plan a new business/project that I have in mind for some months already.

Anyway. This year is going to be a life changing year.
My phrase of the moment is: If you want something, go get it.

Keep strong.
Love, Deborah


  1. we're very much in favor of staying home as well :-) thank you so much for your comment on our blog! It means the world to us! We would feel honored, if you wanted to like us on Facebook as well:


    Have a sunny day and greetings from Italy!

    Bambi and Birdy