Short getaway - Sisters love

Spending some time with my little sisters this week.

I was missing them.
Saudade delas.

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3 years of love ♥

Yesterday me and my boyfriend completed 3 years of dating. 
 We are living together since july last year, and everything is perfect on our life. I know sound exaggerated, but it's truly how I feel.

He keeps me a little more organized and he take care of me more than myself sometimes, even more on my clumsy days.
And I teach him not to worry so much with little things and enjoy life.

Yesterday we had a date date. In a "fancy" romantic restaurant.
We were in doubt between it or a bar or just a pizza and beer/wine at home.
And the fancy restaurant won, just because it was our 3 years anniversary.
It was fun! A french restaurant with candle on the table.

But at the end. We realized that we are simple. I loved the restaurant and the food was amazing.
But MAYBE we would have had more fun in a pub or having pizza and beer/wine at home.
Well, it's who we are. At least at the moment.
No jugdments please. :)
And we changed gifts and I totally loved mine!

Here a few snapshots of the night =)

P.S. My gift was waaaaay better, hã?
Luck me he thinks the same :p

Love, Deborah