Welcome home Madeline! ♥

The family is getting big!!!
This weekend our little daughter arrived and spread happiness all over the house.
She is just a baby, was born on feb-04, but she is SO smart. And sure, SO CUTE!

She's an american cocker spaniel. There are two kinds of cocker spaniels: the american cocker spaniel and the english cocker spaniel.
Both are really cute.

The most common here in Brazil is the english cocker. But I was looking for the american kind because they are a little smaller than the english, and as long as I live in an apartment, I think I can not have a big dog.
Someday we'll have a Husk. It's my boyfriend's dream.

But... first things first.
I always wanted a cocker. I love their ears and theis eyes and I think it's perfect to snuggling with them.

SHE IS SO CUTE AND OMG, my princess.

It's our first dog. We both are very happy and scared and excited.

Welcome Madeline! ♥