Scrapbook Ideas – Love story

Years ago, I remember I always liked to see scrapbooks. I loved the colors, the different papers and prints and patterns. And the little details such as buttons, stickers, inks, satin ribbon and stuff. Well, everything seems SO COOL to me.
I always wanted to make an scrapbook, but I've never found the occasion and I thought I couldn't make it just for fun (who knows why?) because I would never know what to do with them when they were done.
I was afraid of becoming a person with piles and piles of scrapbooks without any meaning spreaded around the house covered of dust. You know that old lady with the bunch of cats? Well, in my mind I would be the old lady of the scrapbooks.
Crazy. Yes. I know.

But happily, things change.
Now I’m a super fan of scrapbooking. Since I started living together with my boyfriend, I think I would like to have one per year to register our lives together. And also one with my sister to register our great and crazy adventures (actually normal things but I prefer to name as a “Great and crazy adventures”, you know, just because I can) and one for each vacation and maybe, who knows, I’ll allow myself to have one just for fun, about life in general.
I guess this is not going to make me become into the old lady with a bunch of scrapbooks covered with dust. rs
As you can see, I still a little stucked with the rules of scrapbook world. But hey, it already was a big step for me!

BUT, you should know that I haven’t started that plan yet.
And for now I have only ONE scrapbook in my life so far.
I’ve made it a couple years ago as a gift for valentine’s day. (Quick tip – guys doesn’t love scrapbook as women. It’s not that they don’t LIKE it. But they just don’t love it, and my gift to him is actually mine now. I don’t even think he knows where it is).

That said, let’s go for what matters. I decided to start the plan with THIS old scrapbook. I left a lot of white pages at the end, you know, for us to write our story. Two years after, I guess I have a lot to put on it.

I separated some pics that I’m going to print, and I'll work on it this weekend.

But I wanted to show you guys the "before" of my old scrapbook.
Next week you can check the new pages I’m gonna work on.

Have fun and feel free to steal some ideas or just inspire yourself!

P.S.1 - If you ARE the old lady with a bunch of scrapbooks covered of dust, hmmm.. I’m sorry. I was just kidding. Really. Lol
P.S.2 – Since you ARE the old lady, what can i do to cut off all this rules that I have in my mind about scrapbooking? What do you do with them? How often do you make them? Can I have like, ONE HUNDRED, and not to be a crazy person?



  1. these are wonderful ideas! thanks for sharing x


  2. I've always wanted to scrapbook, but I just haven't started yet. Maybe one of these days I'll actually get around to it.

    Running Alyssa