Top 5 TV Series - Old and New

First things first: I’m a series addicted.
I kind of have a list of must-see series. I was talking about my list lately and I've decided to share it here, you know, as a good series addicted person, I’m always trying to influence people to watch my favorite tv series.

Here's my list! And please if you have any advice for me, let me know! I sure can find space for one more.

So, I separated into 2 groups! The “new” series, and the “old-but-still-good" series.

The new ones first:

1 - Game of Thrones
It's not that new, since it already have 5 years, and I’m pretty sure almost half of the world watch it, but since I still know a lot a people that love TV series and never gave it a chance, I need to put it on the first place of the list!
It’s truly one of the best tv series I’ve ever watched. But be prepared to fear for your favorites characters. Once I saw an interview with George RR Martin where he said he wanted to write books which, when the main character is surrounded of bad guys, you are not so sure that he’s gonna make alive. 
And the interviewer answered that he totally achieve that. 

And he did. Believe me. But still one of the best series ever! Give it a shot please. 
Only needs 1 episode.

2 - The Returned
It’s a Netflix serie that was launched this year. I started watching in a boredom day, and I totally loved the story. After that, I’ve made about 4 friends start watching and all they became addicted to it too. 
One of them explain the serie pretty well: It’s a serie about dead people that become alive, but not as walking dead people, as real living people.

3 - Orange is the new black
It took me a year to give it a chance, and I only did it after I knew that it was based in a real story, and that there was a book written by the real Piper. Don't get me wrong, the book and the serie are very different. But I recommend both. The book is a biography about a normal person who lived an unbelievable experience that changed her life. The serie is all these things, with some comedy. worth a try.

4 - Sense 8
I just started this one but I really think it's going to be awsome.
The story was written by Wachoswski Brothers (The Matrix) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Moonshadow and a billion other cool stuff), and has the proposal of counting eight simultaneous and interwoven stories without getting lost. And ladies and gentleman, they succeeded. And it comes with some kind of astral travel, or maybe a transporting your conscience between the eight people.
Well, watch it firts. We talk later. It is certainly intriguing.

5 - Penny Dreadful
It's a series of horror with supernatural touches that goes on in the city of London in Victorian times. The story features classic characters from literature like Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Gray. But don't think that it's the old-same, because it has a whole new story going on with all these others.

 The "old-but-still-good" ones. First you should know it's hard to get on this list. It has series still being written and series that ended years ago but remain firm on my top five.

1 – Greys anatomy
I know the end of the last season was a lot polemic. And I was thinking if I should keep watching it. Actually until today I still haven’t found one single person that like the end.
BUT STILL, It has 10 GREAT seasons and it was my top one serie for these 10 years. Never lost the position. Only by that, if you want a medical/drama/romance/lifestyle serie, this will be my indication.

2 – Supernatural
It has ups and downs but every time I start an episode and hear “carry on my wayward sonnnnnnnnnn there will peace when you were done”… well. I have no doubt. I love this serie. Plus made me a stronger person! I was a fearful person. I was afraid in almost all the movies I watched.
After Supernatural, I’m so much stronger. And besides that, it’s always good to know that you need to pay attention when the lights starts to blink or the weather become cold. And that we just need to put salt on the right places and keep an iron thing with us to be safe. Lol.

3 – Fringe
It’s so cool! In the beginning you think it’s going to be like any si-fi serie. BUT IT’S NOT. It’s so much more. Suddenly you see yourself talking about multiverse and chaos theory and the story behind all that is SO GOOD! If you like those things you totally need to try this one.

4 – Friends
OMG. What can I say? It was filmed 20 years ago and STILL one of my favorite series ever. It shows the everyday life facts with so much humor and so much love and friendship. And after a while you see yourself loving each one of the characters. It’s like they became your friends and you know every little detail about them. I always recommend this serie to everyone who is looking for a comedy tv serie. And in the end, it's like if you get to see the show and immediately won six new amazing friends.

5 – Lost
I’ve never watched Lost until a couple years ago. I just never wanted even with all the flutter that was around this serie sometime. But then my boyfriend said that I NEEDED to watch it. That – his words “I needed to have this culture”. So I did. NO REGRETS AT ALL.

I hope you enjoyed it!
How about you? Do you have a top 5 tv series?



  1. You have great taste in TV!

  2. i'm thinking i must give orange is the new black a try! thanks for sharing xo


  3. oh i used to love grey's! i havent watched TV in FOREVER!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. Grey’s was my favorite serie for years. But with the end of the last season I’m not so sure about it. Also, I started to love GOT.
      And I don’t watch tv in a long time too!
      I just can't compromised myself with an specific day or time to watch the episodes, so I just watch them on internet later, when I have some time and I'm on the mood to do it. ;)