Casual Friday – white maxi skirt!

It’s winter here but this week feels like summer. The days are beautiful and in this weekend we are going to the beach.

A friend who was abroad working for several months finally came back home and we are having an “welcome back” party.

I’m very excited cause it’s also the first time that Madeline goes to the beach. I’m not sure how she is going to behave, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy!
It's always so good to go to the beach. Even the road trip is a pleasure.

About the outfit: I was crazy about a white maxi skirt for a while. I had seen this one on F21 one day, but did not buy it. And I regretted that in the next day, but when I came back there to buy my skirt, it was sold-out.
So everytime I was in the mall I searched for an white maxi skirt in a few stores and never found one.
Last week I was having lunch at the mall and got into F21 without any specific thing in mind.

And there it was! My white maxi skirt!

It was made to be mine.

Maxi skirt: F21. Basic blouse: old. Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens for ABM. Necklace and rings: Emme.

Have a great weekend. I’ll snap a lot of pictures, specially with my Diana F+.

Love, Deborah


Playing with my Lomo

About a year ago, doing nothing on internet, I ended at Lomography site. I immediately fell in love with those cameras and the pictures, and after searching a lot about it, I decided to buy the Diana F+ to risk myself in this life as an analog “photographer”.

I’ve learned everything I could with the internet. About photography, lens, films, ISO, revelation, and anything else I could find. Then I felt ready to start!

When my little darling arrived I started clicking around and taking a lot of pictures during the next month.

And that’s when I discovered that I really wasn’t a photographer. rs

I didn’t had much success with the pictures. Most of them turned too dark or out of focus. But I was kind of expecting that. They say the first film are often unusable.

But I didn't let myself give up. I've tried another films with different ISOs and I even tried double exposure and cross process. Some of the pictures turned out cool and funny, but I’m still losing a lot of frames.

I’ve selected some of the best less worst pictures to show you guys.

After this, I ended leaving my Diana F+ in the closet for a while. 
This week I started missing it. So I’ll try to carry it with me some days, and click around during this next month. 

I’ll show you the results soon! :)

Good Wednesday!

Love, Deborah


Casual friday! - Freedom dress

Every friday in my job we can wear casual clothes.

Actually, I’m not the kind of person who uses social clothes to work, even when I should. But I don't work in a company where it's compulsory to wear tie and high heels, and though we are not allowed to wear casual clothes everyday, I manage keeping cool and style outfits that still fit inside the limits of the company.

Anyway on fridays we’re free!

Ok, not totally free cause we still can’t wear a series of pieces such as shorts, crop tops, backless tops or dresses, hats.. and a few more things are not welcome here, but we don’t need to concentrate on these.

I love this dress cause it has an inexplicable air of freedom.
I usually wear it without legging pants when I’m on the beach or even just going to some bar with friends. But wouldn’t be a good idea wear it without my legging here.

But I think it’s cool in both ways.

I would wear a brown hat with this outfit but a friend kidnapped my favorite brown hat. Need to get it back!

Tonight we’re having a wine night at my home with some dear friends. I’m planning bruschettas for dinner.
I’ll share some recipes here soon!

Hope you enjoy your friday as well!

See you guys.

Dress from UO. Booties from ModCloth. Moon necklace and cardigan from F21. Feather Necklace is a DYI.



Pleated Skirt – Free "pattern"!

As you may know, I’m a newbie in the sewing world, but these past days I felt ready for a bigger project!

I was keeping this fabric for a while and always wanted to make a pleated skirt with it. Don’t know exactly why a pleated skirt, I just think the plaid print remembered me a little bit about school and its pleated skirts and over the knee socks.
So I definitely needed to turn this into a skirt like those, from erstwhile times.

Ok, I just had this kind of uniform on kindergarten. After that they transformed the uniform into sweat pants and polo shirts. But you know what I mean.

I didn’t have any pattern, and I don’t know why, in my mind, would be simple to make it.

Here are the "pattern" I’ve made for myself. It's not a real pattern, it's actually just a draft. But can be adapted for any measures and it may help you if you wanna try.
I may have done it completely wrong. But if you are starting in sewing like me, it's really easy and you can practice. My draft is here

I just was in doubt about which format the skirt pattern should have, since all the skirt patterns I see around has a cutting angle that leaves the fabric already in the form of a skirt, they are never straight.
So at first I drew my skirt with this angle, but then I wasn't so sure if I was going to be able to make the folds of the pleats correctly with a side bigger than the other.

Then I thought that as I was going to make pleats in all the skirt, it won’t be a problem if I cut it straight. Because the top of the skirt was going to be sewed, the bottom was going to be loose, and the folds would open giving to the skirt the correct format.

And so it was done.

Finally I took courage. I drew it in my mind, and after that, in a paper. Took the measures. Deep breath. And started cutting.

I know it's not the best pleated skirt ever. But it's my FIRST SKIRT EVER. So, I can't pretend I'm not happy! :D

I started cutting the 4 pieces. 2 for the bottom (the pleated part) and 2 for the top of the skirt (kind of a belt).
I planned making the folds with 3 cm (1,18 in) length, that’s why we needed to multiply the measure for 3.

As I was using plaid print, I do not marked where I would make the folds, because I was guiding myself by the print. But I’ve read that you should mark exactly where you have to fold, this way they’ll have the exactly the same size.

Fold the first bottom part carefully. Fix every fold with pins.
After ending to fold, verify if the bottom part folded has exactly the same length as the belt part. You’ll sew they together, so has to be with the same length.

Do the same with the second bottom part. Compare with the belt part as well. But in this case, the belt need to be a little bigger. Cause it’s where you'll sew the buttons.

Use the iron to mark the folds.

Sew a straight line on top of the fabric. Do this slowly to ensure that all the folds are ok and that the fabric will not curl. This will keep the folds in place while you finish sewing.

After that, fold the belt in the middle, and align the three borders of fabrics together. Right side turned to right side. Sew on the wrong side.

Once finished, put the belt part up.
Do this to the other pair of fabrics too.


To put everything together, sew one side from top to bottom (the one that does not have the extra piece of fabric to the buttons).
The other side you should sew just the pleated part. Let the belt part released. In this part sew a hem.
After that, sew the buttons and buttonhole.

And ta-dã. You have a skirt.

Learn with my mistakes:

- When you sew the belt in the pleated part, make sure you are covering the stitching that is keeping the pleats together.
I sewed them and when I finished, I still could see that stitches. So I had to sew again in another place to cover that. I didn't plan correctly.

- I know it's obvious, but when we're excited we do not think right. Before sew the buttons, make the buttonhole. I didn’t think about that and sewed the buttons first. Then I had to use a similar button to make the buttonhole using the sewing machine. But as it wasn’t exactly the same button, it turned out a little bit bigger than necessary.

- When you make the buttonhole, try first in another piece of fabric. And them take the measures and compare to the skirt, to make it in the right place. Mine got a little higher than it should because I didn’t measure before.

That’s it.
Gave me a lot of work actually.
And write all this in English gave me a lot of work as well.

But it worth. Totally.



Brazilian beef stroganoff

This is one of my favorite recipes. And lucky me, my boyfriend is a professional chef preparing stroganoff! Yey!

We make this very often. Since a lunch to receive friends at our home or a special dinner at valentine’s day.
And it never disappointed us. :D

I notice that there are a lot of different recipes of stroganoff around, and when I was living in NY I proved at least 3 completely different recipes. But this one still my favorite.
It’s simple to prepare and soooooo good.

You can make with beef or chicken, but there are a few differences when you prepare them. Here is the recipe for beef.

Brazilian beef stroganoff, serves 6 starving people
  • 500g (2.6 lbs)  beef (we use tenderloin, rump steak, sirloin steak or any other soft meat)
  • 800g (1.8 lbs) table cream
  • 200g (0,5 lbs) champignon
  • 4 tablespoon of ketchup
  • 2 tablespoon of mustard (yellow or brown)
  • 1/2 cup of cognac (or vodka or whisky - the whisky makes it a little sweet)
  • 3 tablespoon of oil/olive/butter
  • salt to taste
Cut the beef in small pieces or cubes with approximately 4 cm length.
Add salt and let it rest for 5 minutes.

In a pan, add the oil and cook the meat.

As you cook, the meat will release water.
Take the water off in a bowl and set aside. Do not throw away, cause we'll use it later.
Sometimes I leave the water in the pan for a while  to cook the meat and makes it softer. But as we need to fry the meat, after a few minutes you get the water off the pan and set aside.

When the meat is fried, flambé with the cognac. (Carefully add the cognac. Set fire with a match or simply turn the pan a little bit to touch the fire of the stove. Mix it until the fire go out by itself. Don't worry, when the alcohol evaporate completely the fire will go out.)

Add the champignon and mix.

Add the ketchup and the mustard and mix it until is uniform. Cook it for a minute.

Add the table cream and mix it. Let it cook over low heat for a couple minutes.

Serve with rice and shoestring potato or french fries. :)

I love how it combines with a glass of red wine. Makes a perfect dinner date or a delicious family lunch.

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Deborah