Casual friday! - Freedom dress

Every friday in my job we can wear casual clothes.

Actually, I’m not the kind of person who uses social clothes to work, even when I should. But I don't work in a company where it's compulsory to wear tie and high heels, and though we are not allowed to wear casual clothes everyday, I manage keeping cool and style outfits that still fit inside the limits of the company.

Anyway on fridays we’re free!

Ok, not totally free cause we still can’t wear a series of pieces such as shorts, crop tops, backless tops or dresses, hats.. and a few more things are not welcome here, but we don’t need to concentrate on these.

I love this dress cause it has an inexplicable air of freedom.
I usually wear it without legging pants when I’m on the beach or even just going to some bar with friends. But wouldn’t be a good idea wear it without my legging here.

But I think it’s cool in both ways.

I would wear a brown hat with this outfit but a friend kidnapped my favorite brown hat. Need to get it back!

Tonight we’re having a wine night at my home with some dear friends. I’m planning bruschettas for dinner.
I’ll share some recipes here soon!

Hope you enjoy your friday as well!

See you guys.

Dress from UO. Booties from ModCloth. Moon necklace and cardigan from F21. Feather Necklace is a DYI.



  1. Love the dress and accessories!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  2. I love those boots! I have a pair like them that I wear all the time. Also, I'm really interested in the bruschettas recipe. I'll look back here soon for it. http://www.themultitaskingmissus.com/

  3. I wear this boots almost all the time too! I need to force myself to use a different shoe sometimes! Lol. And the bruschettas recipe is coming soon ;)

    xo, Deborah