Playing with my Lomo

About a year ago, doing nothing on internet, I ended at Lomography site. I immediately fell in love with those cameras and the pictures, and after searching a lot about it, I decided to buy the Diana F+ to risk myself in this life as an analog “photographer”.

I’ve learned everything I could with the internet. About photography, lens, films, ISO, revelation, and anything else I could find. Then I felt ready to start!

When my little darling arrived I started clicking around and taking a lot of pictures during the next month.

And that’s when I discovered that I really wasn’t a photographer. rs

I didn’t had much success with the pictures. Most of them turned too dark or out of focus. But I was kind of expecting that. They say the first film are often unusable.

But I didn't let myself give up. I've tried another films with different ISOs and I even tried double exposure and cross process. Some of the pictures turned out cool and funny, but I’m still losing a lot of frames.

I’ve selected some of the best less worst pictures to show you guys.

After this, I ended leaving my Diana F+ in the closet for a while. 
This week I started missing it. So I’ll try to carry it with me some days, and click around during this next month. 

I’ll show you the results soon! :)

Good Wednesday!

Love, Deborah


  1. Sometimes our mistakes can turn out to be successes. I really like the pictures that show the film holes or whatever they're called. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Yes they can. And we sure learn a little bit with each mistake we make.
      I liked these pictures too!

      Tks :)

  2. I did this with the Diana Mini, but I'm yet to get my first film developed. Think looking at your photos might just motivate me to use up my film and finally see what I captured!

    1. Yes! Do it! And don't forget to share. I always like to see what other people can do with a Lomo. It always inspire me and motivate me. Even if the results are not that good (like mine) :p