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Once when I was a child I earned a grass head as a gift, and despite it’s such a simple thing, I remember I LOVED the gift!

I watered it so much. Too much actually, because I was very excited to see that green hair grow. I remember waking up in the morning and run to see if it had grown. And despite all that water, I got lucky. Because the hair actually grew. Yay!

The first time I was the “hair stylist” (Lol) of the grass head and had to cut that “hair”, I was like I had accomplished a mission.
And the grass head lasted for months, and had several haircuts.

So, these days I wanted to give my little little sister a gift, and for some reason I remembered this Grass head. I even searched for it to buy one for her, until I think, HELLOOOO, You can MAKE ONE. 
DIY it!

It’s so simple and easy to make. You just need some space. Let’s do this?

  • Old tights
  • Birdseed
  • Soil or Sawdust
  • Plastic eyes
  • Super glue or Hot glue

First. Let the birdseeds underwater in a pot overnight. This will help it to grow faster.

Cut 12 inches (30 cm) of the tights, always using the bottom (where the foot is). And cut two thinner strips too. They will serve to tie and to make the nose.

Take the bottom of the tight and put a bunch of birdseed in it.  Push it well down. Then put the soil or sawdust. I put approximately 20 tablespoons full of soil in each one. But you can add it until it gets the size you want. Remember to press the soil down every time you add more.

Then you use one of the strips to close the bottom. Try to tie the knot as tight as possible. Then press it inside the head to not be visible.
Then pull a little bit of the soil in the middle of the “head” to make the nose. Use the second strip to tie. 

Then you glue the little eyes. And that is it. You have your grass head.

You can customize it too. You can make a pirate grass head. A girl grass head. You can put some eyeglasses on them. You can use colorful pants. It’s up to you! =)

Cute han?

And the little ones love to see the growth of this hair.

Love, Deborah

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