Outfit: Boho dress and watermelon cooler bag

I was going to write “I think this will be the last summer look that I post in this season” but I can't really say it, since we have a crazy weather in here.

It has been a crazy week too. Me and my boyfriend/fiancée/roommate are working hard on a new project plus we still have our full time jobs to keep us even busier. I took those photos a week ago and didn’t had the chance to post until now.

That day was so sunny and so warm. Today seems that the winter really came. (lol)
But actually I love winter, remember me of the time I spent in NYC and everytime I go outside and feel that cold air I kind of smile inside.

Well, anyway it’s not like THAT cold. The minimum we get here is around 8°C and even in the middle of the winter we still have days of 30°C.

But this is not a post about climatology, is a post about outfits! So, focus Deborah.

I love this bag!
It’s from bando and it’s SO CUTE. I was willing to buy it for a while, but it's not simple to buy stuff abroad because of the delay in the postoffice when they have to calculate the tax.
And then I received a promo code from the store and had to buy it!

It’s such a cool bag and also, a cooler bag. (ahá)
It really keeps the stuff cold. I used on the beach and I actually putted some beer and ice in it. But totally worked! Of course it leaked a little, but well, if you are on the beach, it doesn’t really matters.

Dress from F21; Sandals from ModCloth - (similar); Cooler bag from Ban.do; Necklace from F21.

The dress is an old boho dress but I love it. It’s a little short but I wear it with a short shorts and solve this problem.
I love it because I can use it with sandals and boots and clogs and it always look good.

And that’s it. I hope it inspired you a little bit.

Love, Deborah


  1. Your bag is so much fun!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thank you dear. We sure can follow each other! :)

  2. I reeeeeeally loved all those pictures! Super cool! Love You my adorable friend!

    1. Haha Obrigada pequena! ♥ Fico no aguardo do seu blog fitness. Hehehe

  3. Ok, that bag is ADORABLE. I also wear shorts under short dresses. If I want to wear something, nothing can stop me!


    1. Yeah! That's the idea!
      I loved the bag too. They have this watermelon version and they have a rainrow cooler bag that's also super cute! :)

  4. Que look mais lindo gente!!!


    Isa | http://isabellalessa.com

  5. Beautiful,