Love and everything is a lifestyle blog that intend to share a little bit of the simple and beautiful things of life.

You will notice I try to keep things real around here, so you will find delicious homemade recipes, real life outfits that we can wear to work or to go out, not-that-perfect sewing projects and craft attempts.

I love to write about outfits and cooking so those posts are more often here on Love and everything. But you will also find posts about beauty, decor, travel and craft projects here.

Here is a link for my favorite posts about each theme I talk here on the blog, if you want to take a peek…

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Outfits: Denin shirt and yellow oxford and Lace Kimono and denim dress
Sewing projects: Pleated skirt
Home decor: The colorful house
Craft: Flowers crown for new years eve
Photography: Playing with my Lomo
Lifestyle: Three years of love and Snapshots of carnival

Oh, and how about me?
I am Deborah. Nice to meet you :)

I am 27 years old now. I live with my boyfriend in a rented apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We started living together one year ago and until now we are loving every single moment of it. He is my best friend, my partner in crime and the better person I know.

I am a big sister. I have one brother and three sisters and I am very close to them.
I am always taking care of everyone around me. And I love doing this.

I’ve lived with my grandfathers my entire life since I moved out and started living with my boyfriend. My grandma is the best grandma in the whole world. She is a math teacher. I have inherited this gene and I am very good with numbers too. My grandpa is super cute and has the biggest heart.

Also, I am of the Harry Potter generation, so there is always a place in my heart for fantasy books and movies.
I have the cutest dog, Madeline. She is an american cocker spaniel and she is our daughter.

I started to photograph in 2013. And I started to sew in 2014. Since them I’m always learning new things about both things. And practicing and practicing and more practicing.

I don’t like peanuts. I love the wind and the smell of the rain.
I love all the seasons and I hate to live in a country where it’s summer all year.
I always smell the pages of the books and I’m able to recognize a book for its smell.
I like horror movies but I never sleep at night after watching one. Unless my boyfriend hug me tie all the time.

I love to travel. I already lived in NY a few years ago. And I have a world map in my living room full of pins of places I wanna visit and places I already have been.

I have a lot of good friends and a lot of great plans for life. The trickiest part of life to me is finding a balance for everything I want to do and everyone I love.

If you have read all this, I guess you already know me very well.
Thank you very much for stopping by my little corner of the internet.
And feel free to come back any time! Hope to see you soon.


If you wanna work together, ask any question or just say hello, email me: deborah.andradedemoraes@gmail.com
You can follow the blog on FacebookInstagramPinterest, Bloglovin and Snapchat: dehandrade.

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